JoinCan You Join The Military With Depression

Can You Join The Military With Depression


What About Alcohol Or Drug Abuse

Lowering standards: People with serious mental illness history no longer banned from US Army

A history of alcohol or drug dependence may disqualify you from military service.

The military carefully scrutinizes alcohol abuse or drug abuse that requires inpatient or outpatient care.

Problems with alcohol or drugs can become problematic during military service for several reasons.

It can also enhance or worsen symptoms of other, undiagnosed mental health conditions.

Can You Take Antidepressants In The Air Force

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Subsequently, one may also ask, can you take antidepressants and be in the military?

Antidepressants and anticonvulsants are the most common mental health medications prescribed to service members. Seventeen percent of the active-duty force, and as much as 6 percent of deployed troops, are on antidepressants, Brig.

Similarly, what disqualifies you from joining the Air Force? The following conditions may disqualify you for military service: a. Esophagus. Ulceration, varices, fistula, achalasia, or other dismotility disorders chronic or recurrent esophagitis if confirmed by appropriate x-ray or endoscopic examination.

Accordingly, can you join the Air Force if you take antidepressants?

Question: What are the consequences for bringing prescribed anti-depression medication? Response 1: Anti depressants are disqualifying for 1 year after you stop taking them. You MUST stop with your doctors advice, DO NOT stop on your own.

Can you join the military if you’ve done drugs?

The Military Screening ProcessIf you have been physically or psychologically dependent on drugs or alcohol, then you may not be eligible to join. If you have experimented with drugs but were not dependent, you may still be eligible. The military does not accept those who have sold or trafficked in drugs in the past.

Comparisons Of Changes In Scores Of Cd

No significant differences were found between male and female students in total scores of the CD-RISC, while the improvement in scores of the CD-RISC was much more pronounced in those without childhood trauma. No significant differences were observed in changes of scores of the PHQ-9 across genders or between the traumatized and non-traumatized groups. Participants who were not clinically depressed at baseline had greater changes in scores of CD-RISC and PHQ-9 through the training. Furthermore, changes in total and each subscale scores of the CD-RISC and PHQ-9 were all significant within each subgroup .

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Can You Serve In The Us Military With Mental Illness

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Verywell / Evan Polenghi

If you wish to join the U.S. military, be aware that people with current mood disorders or a history of certain mental illnesses cannot serve. The U.S. Department of Defense has a directive which provides a detailed list of the mental health conditions that prevent a person from being in the armed services.

Can You Get A Waiver For Adhd In The Military

Can you join the military with depression?

A candidate with ADHD who meets the criteria outlined above needs a medical waiver to be able to enlist into any branch of the military. Medical waivers are initiated and requested by the specific military branch per DOD provisions that allow applicants who do not meet the physical and medical standards to be considered for a medical waiver.

Securing a medical waiver for ADHD, however, is a lengthy, multi-step, and largely imprecise process that carries no guarantees.

Well-documented information regarding the medical waiver process and criteria for each individual branch, for instance, is difficult to find. Whats more, recruiters for each military branch tend to be inconsistent in the information and advice provided to applicants with ADHD. Variations in candidates medical histories and enlistment paths, moreover, makes it nearly impossible to find one, uniform path for hopeful candidates with ADHD.

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Studies On Depression And Violence

Studies of Vietnam-era veterans show the devastating impact of depression on families. Veterans of that war had higher levels of divorce and marital problems, domestic violence, and partner distress than others. Often, soldiers returning from combat will detach from daily life due to emotional problems. This makes it difficult for them to nurture relationships with their spouses and children.

More recent studies of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans have examined family function in the near-term after deployment. They found that dissociative behaviors, sexual problems, and sleep troubles had the greatest impact on family relationships.

According to one mental health evaluation, 75 percent of veterans with partners reported at least one family adjustment issue upon returning home. Additionally, about 54 percent of veterans reported that they had shoved or shouted at their partner in the months after returning from deployment. The symptoms of depression, in particular, were most likely to result in domestic violence. Service members with depression were also more likely to report that their children were afraid of them or lacked warmth towards them.

Obtaining An Army Waiver

There is a chance that you might qualify for current service if your bout of mental illness doesnt hit any of the triggers listed above and you are presently of solid mental health. In this case, youll have to apply for a waiver from the military. The waiver acts as a statement of confidence that your mental health issues will not affect your ability to serve.

If you want to try for a waiver, youll need all of your medical records from the doctors who worked with you. Get copies of all of your treatment paperwork, including medication information and therapy notes, to be given to your recruiter and reviewed by the chain of command up to the surgeon general. The point is to be upfront and straightforward, showing that the mark in your medical history is far in the past and does not currently affect your ability to do normal daily tasks and respond to stressful situations. The paperwork should include a statement of such by the doctor or doctors who helped treat your depression.

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Skin And Cellular Tissues

The following conditions may disqualify you for military service:

a. Acne, severe or when extensive involvement of the neck, shoulders, chest, or back would be aggravated by or interfere with the wearing of military equipment, and would not be amenable to treatment. Patients under treatment with isotretinoin are medically unacceptable until eight weeks after completion of course of therapy.

b. Atopic dermatitis or eczema, with active or residual lesions in characteristic areas , or documented history thereof after the age of 8.

c. Contact dermatitis, especially involving rubber or other materials used in any type of required protective equipment.

d. Cysts.

Cysts, other than pilonidal, of such a size or location as to interfere with the normal wearing of military equipment.

Pilonidal cysts, if evidenced by the presence of a tumor mass or a discharging sinus. History of pilonidal cystectomy within six months before examination is disqualifying.

e. Dermatitis factitia.

f. Bullous dermatoses, such as Dermatitis Herpetiformis, pemphigus and epidermolysis bullosa.

g. Chronic Lymphedema.

h. Fungus infections, systemic or superficial types, if extensive and not amenable to treatment.

i. Furunculosis, extensive recurrent or chronic.

j. Hyperhidrosis of hands or feet, chronic or severe.

k. Ichthyosis, or other congenital or acquired anomalies of the skin such as nevi or vascular tumors that interfere with function or are exposed to constant irritation.

m. Leprosy, any type.

Medical Conditions That Can Keep You From Joining The Military

Life After Serving In The Military! PTSD, Insomnia, Depression? Giving back to Veterans!

Below, you will find details from the Army‘s “Standards of Medical Fitness.” These standards generally apply to all other branches as well. Remember that most of these conditions are not necessarily permanently disqualifying, but they are red flags.

If you have had a medical complication at any time in your life that is mentioned here, then you need to tell your recruiter. They will tell you whether your condition can be waived, or if it is permanently disqualifying. Remember that if you do not get an official waiver and your condition later is discovered, you most likely will be dishonorably discharged for fraudulent enlistment. The choice is yours.

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Your Butt Cant Be Too Big

Spinal disorders and conditions are taken very seriously by the military. Many of the jobs have stringent physical demands and standards, and having any sort of back issue can be detrimental to your health, and the readiness of the force. However, according to the Tucson recruiting office, as a result of spinal curvature misalignment, your butt can be too big for you to serve. Enough said.

Military Entrance Processing Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have received, but as always, you should check questions yourself with a recruiter. To get in touch with a recruiter now.

  • Lying at MEPS
  • Is asthma a disqualifying condition?
  • Which branch to join?
  • Good ratings for future CIA/FBI career?
  • Are allergic reactions grounds for disqualification?
  • Joining with tattoos?
  • How long to wait for waivers?
  • Are antidepressants disqualifying?
  • Will affect my enlistment?
  • How can I make the military my career?
  • The brutal truth before enlisting
  • What makes an officer?
  • Lying at MEPS


    I had a misdemeanor, petty theft, and my Navy recruiter told me to lie. I was scared, and confused on why he wanted me to lie, though my offense wasn’t even disqualifying. My fine was not paid for when I signed, and I had no idea that it was illegal to be processed without fines being paid. I refuse to go into the USN with inaccurate papers. Is it too late to change my papers … what will happen afterward?


    1. Need some clarification. Did you admit to the charge? If so and your fine just isn’t paid, go pay it. If you didn’t mention it, pay the fine and mention it when you ship.

    Or you can pay your fine and divulge this to the recruiter. It may void your enlistment contract … and may require you to choose another rate. However, you don’t have to worry about when big brother will come knocking. And you will be in compliance. Peace of mind is everything.

    Is asthma a disqualifying condition?


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    How Are Mental Health Disorders Determined In The Military

    The military will study a case of depression very closely to determine eligibility. In general, any mood disorder that requires medication to treat is a mental health disqualification standard. The military also assesses whether the condition affects your social ability, learning, or work efficiency.

    Poor Performance On Entrance Exams

    Recruits with history of depression, bipolar disorder can ...

    Though each branch has different cutoffs, low scores on the ASVAB and a poor academic or work record can also raise red flags for recruitment and MEPS personnel. Even the applicants preferred career in the desired branch can impact waiver decisions. Its important to note that there are no accommodations for the ASVAB.

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    Spine And Sacroiliac Joints

    The following conditions may disqualify you for military service:

    a. Arthritis.

    b. Complaint of a disease or injury of the spine or sacroiliac joints with or without objective signs that has prevented the individual from successfully following a physically active vocation in civilian life or that is associated with pain referred to the lower extremities, muscular spasm, postural deformities or limitation of motion.

    c. Deviation or curvature of spine from normal alignment, structure or function if —

    It prevents the individual from following a physically active vocation in civilian life.

    It interferes with wearing a uniform or military equipment.

    It is symptomatic and associated with positive physical finding and demonstrable by X-ray.

    There is lumbar scoliosis greater than 20 degrees, thoracic scoliosis greater than 30 degrees, and kyphosis or lordosis greater than 55 degrees when measured by the Cobb method.

    d. Fusion, congenital, involving more than two vertebrae. Any surgical fusion is disqualifying.

    e. Healed fractures or dislocations of the vertebrae. A compression fracture, involving less than 25% of a single vertebra is not disqualifying if the injury occurred more than one year before examination and the applicant is asymptomatic. A history of fractures of the transverse or spinous processes is not disqualifying if the applicant is asymptomatic.

    f. Juvenile epiphysitis with any degree of residual change indicated by X-ray or kyphosis.

    Meps Mental Health Screening

    The military uses a mental health screening to see if there are any potential red flags that will prevent you from carrying out your role fully with the military.

    Furthermore, the military wants to verify that you arent a danger to yourself or others.

    Both a military recruiter and an evaluator at MEPS will ask you questions about your mental health through a one-on-one interview.

    The interview isnt too detailed if there are no concerns or red flags within the your medical record.

    Prepare yourself to answer questions honestly and truthfully, but most agree that you dont need to bring up any preexisting conditions unless it has greatly impacted your life in the past.

    Everyone deals with some type of anxiety and has days where they feel down.

    However, those symptoms are different from someone that is diagnosed with and suffers from mood disorders or other mental illnesses.

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    Can Phobias Anxiety And Self

    Lets take a look at suicidal behavior. Does it make you unfit to join the military? Well, the simple answer is yes!

    An individual who has exhibited suicidal behavior is automatically unfit for the military. Self-mutilation is another thing that disqualifies an individual. People with such history are considered unsuitable to join the army.

    Another serious issue that disqualifies people from joining the military is an anxiety disorder. It could be a historical or current issue. It could be panic, social phobia, agoraphobia, simple phobias, including obsessive-compulsory disorders. Having these issues can disqualify an individual from joining the military.

    I will also like to add that the military is stressed. So, you have to be ready to handle stress and be efficient. Showing acute reaction to anxiety or post-traumatic stress can disqualify a person. These Stress Management Strategies from BetterHelp will allow you to be free from stress.

    Enlisting With Previous Anxiety/depression Anyone Have Any Experience/insight

    US army to ease rules on recruits with previous mental health issues

    Okay, I am getting conflicting information on some questions I have about enlisting.

    I was medications for anxiety & depression. I am completely off the medication for depression, and will be off Xanax for anxiety . The common answer I get for enlisting after this is I have to wait 12 months. This is fine with me, as I plan to the 18x route, and am using the time to get ‘fighting-fit’. But I also came across someone saying that seeing a psychiatrist after age 12 is a permanent disqualification. I believe that my anxiety and depression were caused by Iron Deficiency Anemia, because I meet the majority of the symptoms, but this is a self-diagnosis. Does anyone have any experience or insight into my dilemma?

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    Factors Associated With Changes In Scores Of Cd

    No potential multicollinearity of all variables was found, with variance inflation factor values of 1.154 and below. The model was found significant . In the multiple linear regression analysis, male gender and urban area were found to be positive factors while older age, and higher scores of the PHQ-9, CD-RISC, and CTQ at baseline played negative roles. This model accounted for 39.0% of the variance in the improvement of the CD-RISC total scores through military-style training. The CD-RISC scores at baseline were the most powerful predictors for the changes in resilience through the training .

    Neurotic Anxiety Mood Somatoform Dissociative Or Factitious Disorders

    The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment and induction are a history of such disorders resulting in any or all of the below:

    a. Admission to a hospital or residential facility.

    b. Care by a physician or other mental health professional for more than six months.

    c. Symptoms or behavior of a repeated nature that impaired social, school or work efficiency.

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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also an anxiety problem.

    The disorder causes persistent mental or emotional stress which is usually a result of some form of trauma.

    Unfortunately, PTSD is a common mental illness that gets diagnosed to patients who previously served in the military.

    While it is rarer for people to try and join the military with PTSD it is not completely abnormal.

    Unfortunately, the military considers PTSD a disqualifying mental health condition.

    If youve been diagnosed with PTSD you likely wont receive a waiver.

    Can You Join The Military With Ptsd

    A Soldier and Army Veteran With Depression Learns to Ask ...

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder disqualifies you from military service in most cases.

    The problem with PTSD is that the disorder is often linked to serious trauma like what you might experience serving the Armed Forces.

    Therefore, serving the military might only make symptoms worse.

    You should avoid service to find more effective ways to cope with the disorder.

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    Disqualifying Mental Health Conditions

    According to the Department of Defense, you’re disqualified from serving in the U.S. military if you have a current diagnosis or a history of most mental disorders. The presence of any disorder with psychotic features, such as schizophrenia or a delusional disorder, does not allow one to serve.

    You’re also disqualified if you have bipolar disorder or affective psychoses. For depressive disorders , disqualification from the service occurs if a person had outpatient care that lasted for more than 12 months or any inpatient care. A person with a depressive disorder must be stable, without treatment or symptoms for a continuous 36 months, to be eligible to enlist.

    For anxiety disorders , a person cannot enter the armed services if they needed any inpatient care, or outpatient care for more than 12 months cumulatively. They must not have needed any treatment for their anxiety disorder in the past 36 months. Other disqualifying mental health conditions include:

    Disturbances of conduct, impulse control disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, or other personality or behavior disorders characterized by frequent encounters with law enforcement agencies, and antisocial attitudes or behavior also warrant disqualification from service. Likewise, a person may be disqualified from enlisting if their personality, conduct, or behavior disorder is believed to be a serious interference in adjusting to the military.

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