JoinCan You Join The Military With Bad Eyesight

Can You Join The Military With Bad Eyesight


Getting Veterans Disability For Visual Eyesight Impairment


If you served in the military and later suffered visual eyesight impairment, you might be eligible for disability benefits. The attorneys at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD have years of experience handling disability cases and have helped many veterans receive compensation for service-related injuries. We can put our knowledge and resources to work getting you veterans disability for visual eyesight impairment.

Going up against the Department of Veterans Affairs can be a trying process, and the decisions the VA make can often seem arbitrary. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. We can handle your claim from beginning to end and pursue it aggressively. Call our office today for a free consultation: .

Effect Of Sex And Gender

There is a vast amount of literature that looks at TBI in the military and its consequences, however a reoccurring limitation to these studies – much like many other areas within medicine – is that there is significant underrepresentation of women in the study cohorts. In the last hundred years women have been involved in the military in many forms, but it is in the most recent years that they have had frontline combat-based, combat-support and combat service support roles. By 2043, the percentage of women in the U.S. veteran population is expected to rise from 10 to 16% . Despite this, however, due to small sample sizes, there is little data that illustrates the true impact of military related brain injuries on them. Even when looking at those who play close contact sports where TBI is prevalent, most of the data is related to men. TBI research in general almost exclusively includes men . With such a skew towards one gender, the whole picture of military-related injuries is incomplete. As more women are participating in military roles, there is a greater need to understand the differences in outcomes of TBI in women. Although men represent the majority of those with TBI, women are more likely to have worse outcomes . Furthermore, women are statistically more likely to face domestic abuse and violence . Many victims of domestic violence experience blunt force trauma to the head – a well-known cause of TBI. This is an area of growing interest in TBI research.

A Few Months Ago And Because Im Partially Blind In My Right Eye I


Can you join the army if you are almost blind in one eye?

Can you be blind in one eye and be part of an american armed service

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Can you join the army if you are almost blind in one eye?
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Can you join the army if you are almost blind in one eye?

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French Foreign Legion Color Blindness Requirements


      Hesitation between GREEN and RED color, but comply with the TCCP test

    • the TCCP test examines in detail your real degree of color blindness
    • that degree has to be in accordance with your qualification required for various specialities of the C4 level

    C-3 :

      NO hesitation between GREEN and RED color

    • you are allowed to fail the Ishihara Color Vision Test , but you have to recognize RED and GREEN colors surely in the lantern test

    C-2 :

    • you are allowed to fail the Ishihara Color Vision Test, but you have to recognize all the basic colors in the Beyne lantern test

Do College Students Get Drafted

Is there anything special about the sunglasses in the US military ...

Before Congress reformed the draft in 1971, a man could qualify for a student deferment if he could show he was a full-time student making satisfactory progress in virtually any field of study. Under the current draft law, a college student can have his induction postponed only until the end of the current semester.

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Can You Be Deployed If You Wear Glasses

You don’t need perfect vision to be in the U. S. Armythe U. S. Army It is the largest military branch, and in the fiscal year 2020, the projected end strength for the Regular Army was 480,893 soldiers the Army National Guard had 336,129 soldiers and the U. S. Army Reserve had 188,703 soldiers the combined-component strength of the U. S. Army was 1,005,725 soldiers. wiki United_ States_ Army United States Army Wikipedia just as long as your vision is correctable by wearing your glasses. You should be fine bringing & wearing your own prescribed glasses.

Your Butt Cant Be Too Big

Spinal disorders and conditions are taken very seriously by the military. Many of the jobs have stringent physical demands and standards, and having any sort of back issue can be detrimental to your health, and the readiness of the force. However, according to the Tucson recruiting office, as a result of spinal curvature misalignment, your butt can be too big for you to serve. Enough said.

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Yes But Standards For Specializations Vary

Color blindness will not make you ineligible to join the U.S. armed forces. But it will make you ineligible for some military occupational specialties, and for good reason.

Prospective recruits generally take one or more of three color vision tests when they arrive at a Military Entrance Processing Station . An inability to distinguish red from green, or even a vivid red from a vivid green, will prevent a recruit from performing some military occupational specialties or ratings.

Disability Ratings For Hearing Problems

Thrift With Me | Trip to the Goodwill Bins

Hearing problems are rated under the VA Schedule of Ratings Disabilities in Section 4.87, diagnostic codes 6200 to 6260. Common hearing issues for veterans include hearing loss and tinnitus. Other ear disabilities include:

  • cancer, entitled to a 100% rating for six months following termination of cancer treatment
  • peripheral vestibular disorders , rated at 10% for occasional dizziness or 30% when you have dizziness and sometimes stagger
  • loss of one or both ears , rated at 30% for loss of one ear or 50% for loss of both, and
  • perforated eardrum .

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Can You Wear Glasses In Special Forces

Standard: Must be at least 20/70 or better in both eyes and both correctable to 20/20 with glasses. Must have normal color vision. Waiver possibilities: If one eye is 20/70 or better and the other no worse than 20/200, or if both eyes are no worse than 20/100.

Can special forces soldiers wear glasses?

Eyesight must be correctable to 20/25. Uncorrected vision must be at least 20/70 in the worst eye and 20/40 in the best. Color blindness is disqualifying. No SEALS with glasses.

General And Miscellaneous Conditions And Defects

The following conditions may disqualify you for military service:

a. Allergic manifestations. A reliable history of anaphylaxis to stinging insects. Reliable history of a moderate to severe reaction to common foods, spices or food additives.

b. Any acute pathological condition, including acute communicable diseases, until recovery has occurred without sequelae.

c. Chronic metallic poisoning with lead, arsenic or silver, or beryllium or manganese.

d. Cold injury, residuals of, such as: frostbite, chilblain, immersion foot, trench foot, deep-seated ache, paresthesia, hyperhidrosis, easily traumatized skin, cyanosis, amputation of any digit or ankylosis.

e. Cold urticaria and angioedema, hereditary angioedema.

f. Filariasis, trypanosomiasis, schistosomiasis, uncinariasis or other parasitic conditions, if symptomatic or carrier states.

g. Heat pyrexia, heatstroke or sunstroke. Documented evidence of a predisposition , recurrent episodes requiring medical attention or residual injury malignant hyperthermia.

h. Industrial solvent and other chemical intoxication.

i. Motion sickness. An authenticated history of frequent incapacitating motion sickness after the 12th birthday.

j. Mycotic infection of internal organs.

k. Organ transplant recipient.

l. Presence of human immunodeficiency virus or antibody. Presence is confirmed by repeatedly reactive enzyme-linked immunoassay serological test and positive immunoelectrophoresis test, or other DOD-approved confirmatory test.

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Neurotic Anxiety Mood Somatoform Dissociative Or Factitious Disorders

The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment and induction are a history of such disorders resulting in any or all of the below:

a. Admission to a hospital or residential facility.

b. Care by a physician or other mental health professional for more than six months.

c. Symptoms or behavior of a repeated nature that impaired social, school or work efficiency.

What Services Are Available For Asthma In The Military

The Unsexy but Essential military hardware thread

Because asthma and related respiratory problems can worsen over time, its important that military servicemembers obtain a thorough evaluation of their health in order to help get treatment to control symptoms, even if youre already in the military.

As with signs of any medical condition during military service, asthma symptoms should also be taken seriously. Every effort should be made to determine whether an individual can continue with military service in order to avoid unnecessary risk to their own life or to the lives of others who serve with them.

Medical research supports the involvement of people with asthma in the military with basic treatment for symptoms.

Research from 2015 in Federal Practitioner suggests that most service members with asthma can remain on active duty when management with inhaled therapies that allows them to meet standards and perform required duties.

Researchers involved in this 2015 study also suggest that an asthma diagnosis should be given along with the following tests to confirm the accuracy of the diagnosis:

  • how strongly the airways react to asthma triggers
  • how the heart behaves during asthma diagnosis tests

You may have a greater chance of receiving a waiver if:

  • you are currently being treated for asthma
  • your symptoms appear to be well controlled
  • your symptoms are relatively mild

Poorly controlled symptoms are likely to lead to a waiver disapproval and disqualification from joining the military.

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Do You Need Good Eyesight To Join Army

It is a question that many U.S. people ask themselves, especially when they are in their early twenties. The answer is no.

To join the military, you dont need good eyesight. However, for some occupations that require good vision, like piloting or driving an ambulance, it may be essential to have better than average vision.

Some people argue that good eyesight is a must to join the army and that it is unfair for people with poor eyesight to be allowed in. However, there are many ways of joining the military without good eyesight.

The military has several different recruitment methods, including the option of enlisting as an individual or through a recruiting station. Military service can also be done as part of a reserve unit.

Awful Things About The Army You Might Not Know

Before I begin listing and explaining my points, I want to make it clear that this article is not meant to be disrespectful or insulting to any branch of the military. I’m not bashing the Army or America by shedding light on the unsatisfactory aspects of service. Also, I don’t want to scare anybody or discourage serving in a branch of the military because the Army isn’t scary. If you sincerely want to serve, then that’s awesome!

So what’s this article actually about? Let’s put it this way: If you want to buy a car, you can go to a dealership and stare at a car endlessly. You can walk around it as many times as you want, maybe even kick the tires. But remember, tires can be changed. You have to look under the hood. If you want to make the right decision about purchasing a car or pursuing a military career, you have to do your homework. This article will help you do that.

I’ll focus on the Army in this article because it’s the only branch of the military that I served in. I can’t speak for the other branches. To be fair, I have another article titled 7 Awesome Things About the Army Your Recruiter Will Never Tell You. Take a look at it after you read this one.

Finally, throughout this article, I’ll refer to the soldier as a “he.” I’m only doing so to keep things simple. I know there are many female service members, and I am proud to have served alongside them. Thank you for understanding.

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What Exempts You From Being Drafted


The following instances are eligible for exemptions in the event of a military draft:

Veterans, generally exempt from service in peacetime draft.

Immigrants and dual nationals in some cases may be exempt from U.S.

military service depending upon their place of residence and country of citizenship..

Why Join The Army

Teaching Artificial Intelligence How To Dogfight | Spitfire Dogfight | Digital Combat Simulator DCS

If you’ve done plenty of research about the Army and what service entails and you’re not dissuaded by what you have learned, then you should also consider that joining the Army will test you as a person and soldier. You will learn a lot about your country, service, the world, and yourself if you join. You will also have the opportunity to serve and sacrifice to make your nation safer or to protect the rights that Americans have.

While there are definitely unpleasant aspects of service, there are also a lot of good things about joining the Army. Understanding the potential benefits and pitfalls of joining the Army will help potential soldiers make a good decision about whether or not to enlist.

If you think you can do it, if you want the chance, or if you feel that you are ready to join the Army after reading this article, then go for it! Good luck!

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You Need To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Your dental health is very important when joining the military you cant have too many cavities. According to the International Classification of Disease code, any dental issue that interferes with a normal diet, or includes complex dental implant systems with complications will disqualify you from service. Having braces can also temporarily disqualify you, also.

I Used To Take Drugs Can I Still Join

If you have a history of drug dependence, you will need to provide evidence that you have abstained from the use of these drugs for at least the last 3 years prior to joining the Army.A history of occasional use of recreational drugs won’t stop you from joining, but you must stop using any such drugs before you join.

After joining the Army, you must not use recreational drugs. The Army carries out random, compulsory drugs testing, and you can expect to be tested while you’re in training. If you fail any of the tests, you’re very likely be discharged.

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When You Join The Military Your Family Joins With You

I was born into a military family. Later, when my mother was pregnant with my brother, my father decided not to re-enlist. By then, he had saved enough to start his own business. He did so and never looked back. Decisions like this are terrifying to make. Who do you turn your back onâyour family or your country? Of course, it’s not always black and white, but it does make life tough for everyoneâeven for the parents of soldiers.

Although military marriages are no more likely to end in divorce than civilian marriages, they are faced with unique challenges that not every couple is prepared for. For example, a military spouse is not as likely to find a career. A potential employer has to face the possibility that the employee might leave with only a few day’s notice if their spouse is suddenly stationed elsewhere. An article called How Military Marriage Screws Up Your Career sheds light on many of the ways that military spouses can struggle professionally.

An Army wife understands that her soldier can be deployed at any time. During this time, she holds down the fort. I hate to say this, but it’s a lot like being a single mom. It takes a very special woman to be an Army wife.

Is 2040 Vision Bad

eyes on the prize troopers image winter contingency mod for call

A person with 20/40 vision sees things at 20 feet that most people who dont need vision correction can see at 40 feet. This means that they are nearsighted, but only slightly. A person with 20/40 vision may or may not need eyeglasses or contacts, and can discuss his or her options with a doctor.

Does the military check your mental health records?

The Army may check medical records if there are red flags about the recruits fitness for duty. The Army often turns away individuals based on military disqualifications: mental health disorders, hearing and vision loss, underlying health conditions, poor physical fitness and obesity.

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You Will See The Government Waste Money

Okay, let’s take a break. Hungry? Make yourself a snack: two eggs, any style . Once you’ve made these eggs, throw them away, right into the garbage. Then make some more. These eggs are actually for you. Enjoy!

It was heartbreaking, right? Throwing away those perfectly fine eggs? Well, that’s what happens in the military. And I’m not talking about war profiteering, I’m talking about regular, day-in-day-out procedures. I used eggs in my example because eggs must be tossed if they’re sitting around too long after being cooked. The military throws away a lot of food every day. When it comes to feeding the troops, it’s better to throw away food rather than eat something that’s not fresh enough.

Now that I think about it, the real reason KP is so tough is not because they’re always scrubbing pots and pans in the steaming kitchen. The real punishment is that you will end up seeing a lot of food getting thrown out, and it will be hard to witness all the wastefulness. Perfectly good food that nobody has eaten must be thrown away to prevent food poisoning. Can you throw away a whole chocolate cake that no one has touched? How about a tub of ice cream? Can you do it again and again? You will if you sign up for the military!

This was one of the toughest parts of being in the Army for me. It was hard to throw things away when, on the other side of the base, the family of a junior enlisted soldier was living in poverty and could have used what we threw out.

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