JoinCan Someone With Asthma Join The Military

Can Someone With Asthma Join The Military


Medical Records And Exams

Can You Join The Army With ADHD or ASTHMA?

When enlisting in any branch of the military, there is a point where you must undergo a medical examination, as well as a review of medical records by experts in the field.

As part of your initial request, you must declare any medical deficiencies and disclose related documentation showing the extent of the disorder.

Previously, asthma was an automatic disqualifying factor upon joining the military.

This means that it was not a factor that could be waived, which means that no matter what, you cannot enter.

With competition for benefits and wages in the civilian job market and ever-changing politics, branches like the Air Force and Navy decided to find ways to allow more people in and essentially increase their numbers.

Can Those With Autism Join The Military Army Or Police

The answer to this question is more than a simple yes or no. It really depends on what type of autism we are dealing with, so the answer is very situation bound.

There are some types of autism that are so physically debilitating that joining the military or army or police would absolutely be out of the question. People confined to wheelchairs who are highly functioning may qualify for desk jobs, however they would not be fit for combat. Those with Augmented and Alternative Communication devices in use because of their inability to communicate verbally may not be eligible for even these jobs.

One gray area is the question of whether or not those with aspergers, a milder form of autism, are eligible to join the military. It depends on the extent of their autism and how highly functioning they are. If a person with aspergers is very highly functioning, they may even be fit for combat. If a person with aspergers, however, is so severely debilitated that their daily lives are taken over by the illness, they may not be eligible. For example, a person with aspergers who also has an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Generally, those with autism do not opt to join the military, and are generally not accepted if they do. However, there are these few exceptions.

Some more bizarre questions:

Military Personnel Who Develop Asthma While On Duty Will Be Discharged

According to the militarys Medical Standards for Retention, the armed forces will only not retain a person if their condition persists even with treatment and hinders them from adequately performing their duties. However, some people may get a different assignment that is less likely to trigger asthma.

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Asthma During Military Service

Asthma was one of the most common reasons for medical evacuation during the 1991 Gulf War. Using partial data pertaining to 19951997, Clark et al estimated that approximately 1000 asthmatic recruits per year were discharged from military services with an EPTS reason. A more complete statistical investigation conducted more than a decade later reported nearly 3,000 military applicants being disqualified from military service each year because of asthma. The appearance of acute asthma during military service may necessitate immediate treatment, subsequent military discharge, and possible future medical care through the VA system.

Perhaps, the implication of asthma in the military was highlighted after researchers from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Newport, New York claimed that there was an increased risk for developing new-onset asthma because of U.S. military deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. The concern has not yet been adequately settled.,

Can You Join The Military With Asthma

US Military Asthma and ADD/ADHD Policy

This is a great question, and somewhat common. Many people experience asthma in their youth, and eventually grow out of it. The military makes concessions for applicants who had asthma in their youth, and will often grant waivers if the asthmatic conditions ceased or no longer required medication after a certain age.

But the military is less forgiving when the applicant still has asthma or requires any asthma medications. Why? To put it in simple terms: asthma can place the individual and others in harms way if the individual is deployed to certain environments or is exposed to certain chemicals or conditions.

Military members frequently work around austere environments, in hot, dry, and dusty conditions around various solvents, chemicals, and exhaust in hot and humid conditions and in other environments that can cause an asthma episode to flare up. Having an asthma attack at the wrong time can place the individual, and in some cases, the entire unit in danger.

Think, for a moment, about someone having an asthma attack when they are the only qualified individual for a certain job. Not only does that unit lose the qualified person, but someone else is pulled from their job to assist the other person. This can become magnified if the unit is out in the field, in the line of fire, if there are no medical facilities nearby, etc. I think you get the point.

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Air Force Disqualifying Medical Conditions

The United States Air Force is considered slightly more selective than some of the other military branches.

The branch also factors in the Speciality Code you are seeking, as some USAF jobs require top-secret security clearance or special qualification .

Expect your medical health conditions to be closely analyzed if you are in a position that requires a lot of trust or advanced physical fitness.

Speak to an Air Force recruiter if you have any of the following conditions:


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Surprising Medical Conditions That Will Disqualify You From Military Service

A medical waiver may be in the cards.

BySarah Sicard | Updated Jul 19, 2021 3:31 PM

In order to join the military, you need to qualify medically. And while there are some obvious stipulations, like the fact that you cant be carrying diseases that will endanger your platoon, there are other disqualifying conditions that might surprise you.

All the disqualifying diseases, disorders, and conditions adopted by the U.S. military are listed within the International Classification of Disease code, under the United Nations World Health Organization.

Task & Purpose reached out to Lt. Michele Stein, a Navy recruiter, who shared some lesser-known medical conditions, and in some cases, ways you can get around them. In addition, Stein also asked around her station in Tucson, Arizona, for crazy, surprising medical disqualification stories. We compiled our favorites, and here are six unusual conditions that can keep you from joining the military.

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Medical Exams And Records

When enlisting in any branch of the military, there is a point when you are required to undergo a medical examination as well as a medical record review conducted by subject matter experts.

As a part of your initial application, you are required to declare any medical deficiencies and release related documentation showing the extent of the disorder.

Previously, Asthma was an automatically disqualifying factor when joining the military.

This means that it was not a factor that could be waived meaning no matter what, you could not get in.

With the competition of benefits and pay in the civilian job market and ever-changing politics, branches like the Air Force and Navy decided to find ways to let more people in and essentially raise their numbers.

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Yet Another Psoriasis Defeat


I was told before the start of the assessment that not disclosing medical conditions could cause me to be dishonorably discharged if found out about later. I am not a person that condones lying by any means, but before he told me that, I had flirted with the idea of concealing my disease.

As I reluctantly, like an admonished schoolboy, confessed my diagnosis of psoriasis, I could see something flicker on the recruiters face. He looked up psoriasis and found out that according to the Standards of Medical Fitness, unless mild by degree, not involving nail pitting, and not interfering with wearing military equipment or clothing, it would disqualify me from being able to join. I nervously made a jokesomething about 85% body coverage being mildand then thanked him for his time.

I went home deflated and defeated. I understood the reasons why they couldnt recruit me, but it didnt make it hurt any less. My stupid skin was holding me back from yet another thing in my life. Why couldnt I just be normal? Why did I have to be cursed with this life-sucking, limiting, controlling, wretch of a disease?

To add insult to injury, my younger brother was able to join the Army. He became the apple of my fathers eye, while I sat speckled and flailing to figure out how to live with a chronic illness.

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Can You Join The Military With Asthma All You Need To Know

WriterATTENTION!!! Subscribe to our FREE EVERYDAY JOB ALERTS and be the first to know about high paying job vacancies so you can apply IMMEDIATELY.

Can you join the military with Asthma? This is a very popular question, and considering the potential trainees, this article has been created!

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that makes it difficult for people to get air in and out of the lungs.

One in 13 people have asthma and are often diagnosed in their youth before they have the opportunity to join certain careers including the military.

If you have asthma and are considering joining one of the military branches, here is the information you need.

Do Raf Check Medical Records

All candidates who wish to join the Royal Air Force have an assessment to determine whether they satisfy tri-Service and single Service medical entry standards. The report received from your GP will be scanned into an electronic recruiting medical record held by the contractor and will be reviewed by a contractor ME.

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Are There Physical Fitness Requirements To Join

Yes, there are physical fitness requirements to join the Army. The Armys Physical Fitness Test is used to assess the physical endurance of a recruit. APFT is a 3-part fitness event: 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a timed 2-mile run. Recruits must pass the APFT to graduate boot camp.

The APFT physical fitness requirements vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum fitness requirements.

The Army will continue to use the APFT until further notice.


If you have any questions regarding the APFT or your physical fitness requirements, talk to your recruiter.

If Ive Been Disqualified From One Branch Of The Military Can I Join Another Branch

Can You Join The Military With Asthma in 2021? [Yes, But]

The Armed Forces use the same disqualifying medical conditions for every military branch.

Therefore, what is disqualifying in the Army is also disqualifying in the Navy.

However, one branch may approve a waiver while another branch may not based on the condition, your role in the military, and other factors.

Its possible to try and enlist in another branch after another denied your military medical waiver.

Once again it primarily depends on the health condition.

For example, someone with Schizophrenia is likely to get denied by every military branch, while another recruit with a small curvature of scoliosis might have better luck the second time around.

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How Do You Shut Up A Jehovah Witness

Politely interrupt to take control of the conversation.

  • When a Jehovahs Witness starts talking, interrupt with a polite, Excuse me to get their attention.
  • Try raising your hand an holding it between the two of you at chest level with your palm facing the other person and begin your interjection with, Hold on.
  • You Cant Have Flat Feet

    Though this is one of the most widely argued-about conditions that can bar you from the military, the answer is yes it is real. While someone who has flat feet can serve in the military, it depends on the severity. If someone has symptomatic flat feet, which indicates that the condition causes the person chronic physical pain, then he or she cannot serve.

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    Air Force Asthma Policy For 2019

    OMK spoke directly with recruiter Staff Sergeant Socha, an Air Force recruiter stationed in Staunton, Virgnia.

    Heres what he had to say regarding the Air Forces asthma policy:

    With the Air Force, asthma is disqualifying if the service person carries an inhaler.

    If they had childhood asthma but currently do not carry an inhaler it is possible to join the Air Force.

    Before joining the Air Force, the potential candidate would take a Pulmonary Function Test .

    Keep in mind though that, in the Air Force, there would be specific jobs where asthma would be an issue.

    We will update the Air Force asthma policy every 6 months to keep this content current and notify you of any changes.

    The Airmen We Need: Americans With Disabilities In The Air Force

    Asthma in the Military Letter from a USMC Recruit

    He raises his prosthetic hand, thumb and fingers extended, to touch the tip of his brow, forming a straight line with his wrist and elbow. Shoulders back and eyes forward, she balances on ultralight carbon fiber forearm crutches her lone foot makes a 45-degree angle with its missing twin.

    Thats whats different about them. Whats not different is that they come to attention and salute just like their fellow servicemembers.

    When imagining an airman in the Air Force today, you might picture someone short or tall, male or female, from Mexico or the Philippines or Des Moines. You probably dont envision an airman with a physical disability. But Americans with physical disabilities represent an untapped resource that can contribute to the Air Forces 21st-century mission.

    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright has said that the critical skills for an airman in todays Air Force are wisdom, courage, and resilience all attributes that describe an airmans mind, not their body. Expertise and experience, grit and perseverance, leadership and followership, creativity and innovation, commitment and patriotism Americans with disabilities can demonstrate all these qualities, just like Air Force airmen.

    Digging into the Requirements

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    Who Is Exempt From The Draft

    4.5/5draftexemptedexemptexemptdraftedthis is here

    Contrary to popular belief, “only sons,” “the last son to carry the family name,” and “sole surviving sons” must register for the draft, they can be drafted, and they can serve in combat. However, they may be entitled to a peacetime deferment if there is a military death in the immediate family.

    Secondly, are doctors exempt from the draft? The oldest age one can be drafted to serve as a soldier is ~30, but doctors are exempt and can be drafted up until the age of 35.

    Also, does asthma exempt you from the draft?

    Military Rules for Recruits with AsthmaPreviously, any history of asthma was disqualifying, regardless of age. In the present day, asthma is only disqualifying if it occurs after the applicant’s 13th birthday. Some waivers were granted back then, but typically only for non-combat jobs.

    What disqualifies you from the US draft?

    The following conditions may disqualify you for military service: a. Esophagus. Ulceration, varices, fistula, achalasia, or other dismotility disorders chronic or recurrent esophagitis if confirmed by appropriate x-ray or endoscopic examination.

    Here are 11 ways people beat the draft in the 1970s.

  • Be a Conscientious Objector.
  • Make up a health condition.
  • Have children who need you.
  • Be a homosexual.
  • Have a high lottery number.
  • Hold an “essential” civilian job.
  • Physical Intellectual And Emotional Challenges

    The teen years can be challenging for everyone they can be far more challenging, however, for young people with autismand their parents. As with most aspects of autism, the level of difficulty will vary radically depending on the individual on the spectrum, their family situation, their support system, and their school.

    Fortunately, there are many ways parents can prepare for and ease the transition to teenagerhood. The teen years are also a great time to start preparing for adulthood.

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    What About If Youre Currently Serving

    According to Recruiter Mendoza, if its discovered that you have Asthma while youre serving, youll be discharged.

    With that said, we had someone contact us and said that this is not necessarily true.

    Check out what he had to say below:

    I would like to speak on the Navy discharging you for being diagnosed with asthma while currently serving: this just simply isnt true.

    I have been enlisted for 10 years, and am looking to 20+ years of enlistment at this point.

    I was officially diagnosed earlier this year with asthma, and no talk of discharge was ever brought up, except when I stated that I do not want this diagnosis to be one that would cause me to be discharged from service.

    I am being treated with a single daily pill, and an inhaler to use before physical exercise and also on an as-needed basis.

    I will not be discharged for being diagnosed with asthma.

    DBoydstun, comment left on Aug 1, 2019

    The biggest concerns would be for anyone thinking about becoming a Naval Aviator , Submariner, Diver, or Firefighter.

    The Navys policy is pretty straightforward on this as well Any history of asthma , including childhood asthma and exercise-induced asthma, is considered disqualifying for aviation duties and training.

    This includes even very mild asthma.

    For all other rates , the recruit will perform a series of physical tests during MEPS.

    If the doctor expects asthma, then youll be referred to a specialist.

    Can I Join The Army With Tattoos Are There Restrictions

    Can You Join The Military With Asthma? Yes, But There

    Yes, you can join with tattoos, as long as they are not visible above your collar or below your cuff. The Army does not typically accept individuals with tattoos on their hands, wrists, face, or neck. Tattoos anywhere above the neckline or on the head, including in the mouth, ears, or eyelids, disqualifies a candidate. A tattoo waiver is available for candidates who have disqualifying tattoos. However, tattoos that are extremist, racist, sexist, or indecent are prohibited anywhere on a Soldiers body, without exception.

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