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Can Military Star Card Be Used Anywhere


Visa Gift Card Shipping & Delivery Faq

Should You Get The Military Star Card?
Where do you ship Visa gift cards?

Gift cards may be shipped to valid street addresses within the United States. We will accept orders from an APO address, but can only ship gift cards to residents of the United States. International orders will not be accepted.

How can I place a corporate gift card order for Visa gift cards?

You can place an order for Visa gift cards in bulk at OmniCard.com.

How are Visa eGift cards delivered?

Visa eGift cards are delivered as follows:

  • Your recipient will receive an email message from Giftcards.com that contains a link to the Visa gift card.
  • The link will take the recipient to Giftcards.com and prompt the user to enter the email address that received the eGift card and a captcha must be completed. From there, they will be taken to a page that has a link to the activation page.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email. If the recipient does not receive the merchant eGift card, instruct the recipient to check their email as well as any SPAM or promotion folders or automatic filters for an email from Giftcards.com.
  • Please refer to the Activation page to redeem your gift card. If the gift card does not arrive within the expected time frame, contact Customer Service for assistance at 877-944-3822 or visit our Contact Us page. Please have the invoice number and the recipients email address available prior to making the call for fast assistance.
How long does an Visa eGift card delivery take?

Choose Your Card Denomination And Click ‘add To Cart’ Next Checkout And Complete The Payment Process A Email Is Instantly Sent To You With Both Your Card Information And Easy To Follow Instructions

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The Friendly Military Star Card

There are numerous credit cards on the market. What you need is one that is military-friendly, and that understands the need for flexibility in use and repayment, as well as one that provides equal rewards and benefits. The star card offers a lower interest rate and several attractive reward and redeeming offers and promotions.

The Exchange Credit Program manages, oversees, and promotes the star credit card for military servicemembers and families. The starcard is geared toward obtaining the basic needs of the servicemember through the exchange. BX, PX, NEX, and MCX facilities and online AAFES stores accept a military star card payment. Commissaries and general vendors do not. Because it is for use at military facilities and online websites only, it may seem restrictive.

Although military ID is required when an AAFES star card purchase is made, AAFES employees are required to check military ID regardless of method of payment. Swipe the card, sign the payment slip, show your military ID and youâre on your way.

AAFES.com is the only online merchant that accepts a military star card payment. Membership and proof of military affiliation is required to shop at AAFES.com. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase, enter your star card account number at the payment information screen.

Also enter your AAFES star card expiration date, and the security code found on the back of your card.

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Star Credit Card Benefits And Drawbacks

The military star credit card is one of the best choices for those who want to earn rewards with no annual fee, who regularly shop at military exchanges or at AAFES online military retail sites, and for those who want to establish, improve, or work toward repairing their credit history and credit score.

On the other hand, this might not be the ideal credit card for you if you prefer earning travel miles or if you prefer more flexibility in where the card is accepted or how, when, and where rewards are redeemed.

Military Star Card Frequently Asked Questions

Give Gifts, Reward Yourself: MILITARY STAR Offering Double ...

Is the Military Star Card a credit or debit card?

The Star card is a credit card.

Can the Military STAR Card be used for gas?

The card can be used for gas at installation gas stations but NOT at gas stations outside of military installations.

Can the card be used to shop online at the Exchanges?


Can a military spouse get a Military STAR Card?

Yes, dependents too!

Can a veteran get a Military STAR Card?

Yes! Veterans who are eligible to shop at the exchanges can apply for a Military Star Card. If youre a military veteran with a honorable discharge but not retired, you can go to vetverify.org and get verified, then you can start shopping online at shopmyexchange.com. Then you can apply for our military star card by going to myecp.com.

Free shipping, tax-free shopping, competitive pricing & discounts, and access to the MILITARY STAR Card are just a few perks for #Veterans. Honorably discharged Veterans can verify eligibility at

The Exchange

Can STAR Card late payments be reported to my command?

Yes, late payments, exceeding your credit limit or other issues can be reported to your chain of command. However, this most likely will not occur before the Exchange Credit Program makes numerous attempts to resolve the matter with you.

Can you use the Military STAR card anywhere?

No, on-base and online at the Exchange stores only.

List of discontinued Military Star Cards

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    Star Credit Card Benefits

    If the service member and/or family is trying to find a card that can help them start their credit history or get it back on track, or improve their credit score, this is an excellent choice. You can easily grow your credit score over time with consistent and on-time minimum payments due each month. Keeping your balance low also helps increase your FICO score.

    The cardâs APR is a reasonably low variable rate applied to all purchases made through one of the AAFES shopping exchanges. Military clothing plan purchases are charged a 0% APR. If it is necessary to carry a balance, there is no threat of being carried away by a high interest rate.

    The card never requires an annual fee or imposes foreign transaction or late fees.

    As an additional amenity, beginning in 2015, your Military Star credit card may be used to purchasevacation packagesthrough the Morale, Welfare and Recreation department of the military.

    Not only do individual members benefit from the Military Star credit card, but so does the entire military community. A significant portion of star card earnings are returned to the community to fund Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs for service members and their families.

    Military Star Card Pros And Cons

    Like any product, the MILITARY STAR Card comes with both advantages and disadvantages.


    • The interest rate on the MILITARY STAR Card is lower than the rate on most popular credit cards.
    • The Rewards Program is the equivalent to 2% cash back on your purchases, which is very generous as an ongoing rewards program, even compared to major bank credit cards.
    • Theres a first day 10% discount for purchases.
    • No annual fee.
    • No late fees or over-limit fees.
    • The interest rate youll pay will not be affected by your credit score.
    • Interest rate reduction during deployment.
    • Ongoing discounts on purchases, gasoline, and at the food court, as well as promotional 0% interest offers.
    • The card can be used to help you build a good credit rating while youre in the military, through regular, on-time payments.


    • The card will be terminated once you leave active duty military service.
    • Rewards points are accumulated at select locations and may not be earned on all purchases made.
    • As is the case with all credit cards, loans, and credit lines, late payments made on the MILITARY STAR Card will have a negative impact on your credit and .
    • Approval isnt automatic. Bad credit could result in your application being denied.

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    How Does The Military Star Card Work

    The Military Star Card is comparable to signing up for another line of credit. There is an application process designed to confirm eligibility. Once this information is acquired the ECP then gets back to you with a line of credit being offered.

    Of course the major exception to the Military Star Card compared to other credit cards is that you must represent a member of the U.S. Military. ECP has stated that its mission is to become the one card solution for all purchases after credit is received.

    The rewards program of the Military Star Card is pretty cool. It provides two points for every $1 spent out of your own pocket. Every 2000 points acquired equals a $20 rewards card. Furthermore, the points start accumulating immediately which is a nice feature compared to some credit cards that require you to wait or set other restrictions.

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    The flexible terms of the credit is designed to help military personnel and family members safely build credit. The multiple discounts and benefits also featured through the card is outstanding.

    The ECP provides all cardholders with 24/7 access to the Exchange Contact Center. The customer service line has been established to help serve the unique needs of U.S. Armed Forces members.

    Military members are allowed to authorize additional users of the card. The eligibility of this opportunity is limited to dependents , at least 18 years old, and with current Exchange privileges.

    Should You Sign Up For The Military Star Card

    The Best Cash Back Credit Cards For Military Members! | Personal Finance | Budget

    Though the MILITARY STAR Card is available only to members of the military, it offers one of the best overall credit card packages available, even when compared with credit card offers by major banks.

    The low-interest rate, plus the generous rewards and discount programs make the card too good to pass up.

    If youd like more information, or if youd like to sign up for the card, visit the MILITARY STAR Card website.

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    Benefits Of The Military Star Card

    There are three primary benefits to the Military Star Card: 1) It provides a reasonable interest rate 2) There are exclusive benefits designed specifically for military families and 3) The rewards points.

    Cardholders begin earning points the moment the account gets opened and do not expire so long as you have purchase activity at least once every 12 months. The rewards system offers a 2% cash back by providing two points for every $1 spent.

    Once 2,000 points is reached members of the ECP program automatically receive a $20 rewards card. The card can get redeemed for merchandise or services anywhere the gift card is accepted.

    While it would be nice if the rewards program gave the option of redeeming points for cash or applying it to monthly installment payments â the program is still a really great feature.

    Reward points are often used by service members at ecommerce retailers like myNavyExchange.com, shopmyexchange.com, and shopCGX.com.

    The Military Star Card does not come with a lot of strings attached. The credit line currently features 0% promotional interest and fair rates thereafter. Furthermore, ECP claims that while your credit score will influence whether or not you are eligible â it does not effect your interest rate one way or another.

    The interest rate for all borrowers is fixed and within reason. If you are eligible for the card you will find that the interest rate is lower than many other creditors.

    Buy Visa Gift Card Online

    As one of the worlds most recognizable and trusted brands, Visa Gift Cards are the ideal gifts to give friends or loved ones. With an original photo and text, each gift card is personally designed for the recipient. You can add your own photo or select one of our custom designs to get started. Then customize the gift card further with a message embossed right on the card. Choose any dollar amount between $10-$250.

    Visa Gift Cards can be used online, over the phone and in your favorite stores and restaurants across the countrylike Target, Walmart, Olive Garden and more. Basically, this card can be used in the U.S. everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. So gift it with confidence!

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    Military Star Card Highlights

    Rewards Program:Earn two points for every dollar you spend in qualifying net purchases at exchange facilities and Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotels, as well as qualifying net purchases made online at shopmyexchange.com, myNavyExchange.com and ShopCGX.com. Also earn points at Army and Air Force Exchange Service food courts, Express® locations, mall vendors and more.
    Bonus:Save 10% off your first days purchases upon card approval
    Additional Notes:
    We think these folks may be interested: Individuals who regularly shop with military exchanges Individuals who want to earn rewards with no annual fee
    We think these folks should keep looking: Individuals who prefer to earn miles or cash back in lieu of points Individuals who want more flexibility in redeeming their rewards
    Verdict:For Military members and their families who want to save on military exchange purchases

    How Does Military Star Card Work

    Shop, Win, Cheer: Exchange Giving Away Tickets to Army ...

    All cardholders are automatically enrolled in the MILITARY STAR Rewards Program and will earn 2% rewards on every purchase. 2% equals 2 points for every $1 on qualifying purchases at all military exchanges and other participating locations. After 2,000 points, customers will receive a $20 rewards card.

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    How To Sign Up For The Military Star Card

    You can apply for the card on the ECP website or in-store at a local base exchange. If you apply online, you click the Apply Now button on the website, and youll be brought to a login page where you can register.

    Youll then be taken to a disclosure page which will include several required notices you need to read.

    From there you can continue on to the application. Youll be asked to provide general information, including your Social Security number and your employment and income information.

    Your qualification for the card will be subject to credit investigation and credit reports. Your income, employment, and other related information will be verified with third parties.

    Visa Virtual Account Faq

    What is a Visa Virtual Account?

    A Visa Virtual Account is delivered via email and delivery may take up to 24 business hours from the time of purchase.

    Can Visa Virtual Account be used in stores?

    Visa Virtual Account is only redeemable online and the balance of the card must cover the full amount of the transaction. Heres a tip! If the Visa Virtual Account balance is less than the transaction total, then first use the Visa Virtual Account to buy an eGift card from the online merchant. When the merchants eGift card arrives, apply the merchants eGift card to your purchase and pay the remaining balance due with a debit or credit card.

    Whats the difference between a Visa gift card and a Visa Virtual Account?

    Both Visa gift cards and Visa Virtual Account are redeemable wherever Visa is accepted, however, Visa Virtual Account are only redeemable online and the balance of the Virtual Account must cover the full amount of the transaction. Visa gift cards are shipped via USPS or UPS, depending on the shipping method selected. Visa Virtual Account are delivered via email.

    How long does it take for my Visa gift card or Visa Virtual Account to be delivered?

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    Would It Be A Good Idea To Get The Military Star Card

    For some military families, the Military Star Card can be a good choice, for others, it might not be. It is a credit card and needs to be used wisely. Getting this type of card could lead to more debt and overspending.

    Having this type of rewards card means you will want to use it more often than others. If you do decide to get this card, make sure not to put yourself in a bad spot financially. Have a plan for paying the balance off on time.

    If you do get the card, make sure you keep within your budget and enjoy the rewards. Make sure to not use the card as a way to spend extra money you dont have. Treat the Military Star Card like you do any other credit card. Take care to not misuse it or get behind on your payments.


    Cons Of Having A Military Star Card

    Military Star Credit Card Review | BEST MILITARY CREDIT CARD

    No matter how well it is advertised every credit card has some drawbacks. Letâs take a look at some of the cons:

    • Approval for the card is not automatic, even if enlisted in the military. Eligibility is based on credit score.
    • No cash redemption offered for reward points.
    • The rewards points that are accumulated are not available at all retailers or services.
    • Not every purchase qualifies for reward points.

    It is worth noting that with any credit card there is a risk of borrowing money you do not currently have in your account. High credit card debt and late payments affect your credit score negatively. It can impact how or if you receive a loan in the future.

    So good judgement and responsibility is highly advised. Try to set a calendar reminder each month a few days before the payment is due to make sure you have the necessary funds and pay on time. You also may be able to setup automatic monthly payments.

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