FactsCan I Join The Army With A Bachelor's Degree

Can I Join The Army With A Bachelor’s Degree


Associate Degree In Military Science

Joining the Military with a Bachelor’s Degree

An associate degree in military science typically lasts two years. Learners take roughly 60 credit hours of coursework in English, mathematics, and science. Enrollees also study fundamentals of military theory and practices alongside coursework in psychology, history, and political science.

Military science associate degrees establish foundational knowledge and skills for roles in law enforcement, business, and human services. Learners with associate degrees can also enter some branches of the military to become officers.

Benefits Of Joining The Army With A Bachelor’s Degree

Youve probably heard that a few years in the military will give you the training you need to move on to college and a great career. But you dont have to join right after high school graduation. In fact, some people get their bachelors degrees and then join the military. There are several perks to doing that, including rapid advancement through the ranks.

Will The Military Pay For A Bachelor’s Degree

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

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Military.com highlights, Not only does the military pay up to 100 percent of college tuition while you serve on active duty but it also offers the GI Bill to use for college up to 10 years after leaving the service. You may be surprised enlisting in the military is not as scary as you think.

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Enlisted And Officers Jobs And Experiences Are Different

Of course this can vary depending on branch and MOS, but generally enlisted get the work done and officers plan. For example, infantry officers stay at the COC overseeing operations. Enlisted infantrymen conduct the operations, go on patrols, become proficient in machine gun tactics, etc. You can also become a Warrant Officer and be a subject matter expert in your field without ultimate command responsibility.

Theres a joke that officers generally do the desk jobs, which is somewhat true. I will be a designated Aircraft Maintenance Officer in a few short months. I will be in an office setting and participating in meetings often. The enlisted Marines in my future division will actually be working on the aircraft. If you desire technical skills and are a hands on guy, enlisting will do that for you.

Ncc Special Entry Scheme

shotgun team u s army recruiting command bio display scaled U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND > Bio” alt=”Shotgun Team > U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND > Bio”>

This is a direct admission and one does not need to sit for any written entrance exam for the same. Requirements include

If youre a graduate with a minimum of 50% marks 2 years service in the NCC Senior Division Army Have a B grade in the C Certificate Exam After application, youre entitled to be called in for the SSB interviews directly. Any person between 19-25 years age can apply for the same. Training is generally provided at the OTA, Chennai. The notification for the same comes around in the months of April and October.

University Entry Scheme gives you access to a Permanent Commission job.

Only male candidates are eligible to apply. There are two interview schedules for the entrancethe first one is held at the campus whereas the final one is the SSB interview held at the designated centres. The eligibility criteria for the same is a BTech degree The age limit is between 19-25 years. The training for the same is imparted at the IMA Dehradun. The notification generally comes out in the month of May.

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Further Selection Of Technical Graduate Course

  • Final Medical Test: The ISSB recommended candidates will undergo through detailed medical test at nearest CMHs.
  • Final Selection: Officers will do Final Selection of candidates based on overall performance at General Headquarter .
  • Training: you will get 1 year training at PMA Kakul.
  • Bond: Shortlisted candidates are required to sign a bond to serve the Army for seven years period.
  • Stipend: Shortlisted candidates will get approximately Rs. 31,000/Month stipend.

The ineligibility conditions for Pak Army Graduate Course are following

  • 2 times rejected by ISSB
  • Tested within 120 days gap of the previous appearance in ISSB
  • Medically infit due to hepatitis B & C
  • Dismissed from government service including Armed Forces
  • Convicted in a Court of Law for any criminal activity
  • Withdrawn from any training institution/academy of Armed Forces

How to join Pak Army after graduation?

You can join Pak army after graduation through Graduation Course .

Can I join Pak Army after graduation?

You can join Pak Army after graduation through Graduation Course.

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Health Professions Scholarship Program

Those interested in joining the Army, Navy, or Air Force can take advantage of a scholarship to attend medical or dental school.

The scholarship includes full tuition and fees, health insurance reimbursement, other school-related expenses, and even a monthly living stipend.

If you want to pursue a career in medicine and join the military, this is a great option to take full advantage of the financial incentives that come with that path.

The program is open to those with an undergraduate degree who are applying for medical or dental school, as well as those currently enrolled in medical or dental school.

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Montgomery Gi Bill Active Duty

The Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty is another benefit that can help active-duty recruits pay for education and training programs that arent covered by the tuition assistance program. This is available for those who have served at least two years in any of the militarys four branches and contributed $100 a month for the first 12 months of active duty. Though most people save these benefits until they leave the military or transfer them to family members, you can use them while youre still on active duty, but the rate you receive varies.

According to Military.com, Montgomery GI Bill benefits can be worth up to $76,000 . These also expire 10 years after your last separation from active duty, so its wise to use them while youve got them.

Enlisted Soldiers And Officers

Joining Enlisted With A College Degree | Military Enlisted with Bachelors Degree

If enlisted soldiers have prior military service, particularly in a job that is in high demand, they may be eligible to join as a reservist. All Army officers must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and normally, officer candidates must not be older than 34. However, candidates with certain degrees or licenses can qualify for the Army’s direct commissioning program, which has a maximum age of 42.

Some jobs, such as physician, veterinarian and dentist, require advanced degrees. For others, a bachelor’s degree is acceptable. These include chaplain, nurse, occupational therapist and dietitian. Your local recruiter can provide you with a complete list of jobs for which you might be eligible.

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Online Degrees That Build Work Skills

Through a college education, active-duty students can enhance their existing job skills and even advance in rank as they apply what theyve learned to their positions. Spittler explains that a few of the more common National programs known to help military students advance in their careers include information technology management, cybersecurity, and leadership programs.

Some servicemembers choose programs that closely relate to what they are doing on active duty. For instance, many military medics or corpsmen pursue online or on-campus registered nursing programs. While you can serve as a Navy hospital corpsman without being a registered nurse, this educational experience can help you enter the nursing field after active duty.

Other students decide to pursue degrees that dont relate to their role in the military, opting for something that they might consider to be more marketable when they transition out of service, Spittler says. The variety of programs NU offers, more than 75 in all, gives them a lot of options to choose from and the one-month course format is very attractive to a servicemember who may need to pause for a month and then restart classes again.

Doctoral Degree In Military Science

A doctorate in military science is the highest degree in the discipline. Individuals serving in the military can earn doctorates to advance to senior roles in policy advising, instruction, and research. Civilians who teach military science, national security, and related topics can earn doctorates to move into instructional roles in college and university settings.

In conjunction with foundational research and theory coursework, doctoral students carry out advanced research on specialized areas and write dissertations. Concentrations in doctoral programs in military science include military history, strategic leadership, global security, and warfare strategies and operations.

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Is It Better To Enlist Or Become An Officer

Officers will start out at a higher pay grade than enlisted personnel, though enlisted service members are eligible for a variety of bonuses that can be quite substantial. Officers will also receive higher benefits such as monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

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College Costs For Medical Professionals

Hayes embodies

Some of the best financial incentives to joining the military exist for healthcare professionals.

With 4-year medical school costs ranging from $150,000 to almost $400,000, it is no surprise that newly graduated medical professionals are looking for programs the help pay their medical school loans while providing rewarding and challenging experiences.

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Utilize What You Already Know

Working full-time and attending school isnt easy. It often takes people much longer to complete two- or four-year degrees. If youre planning on getting a degree in the military, you can utilize your existing knowledge to receive credits without ever stepping foot in the classroom.

The military allows students to earn some of their degree with the College Level Examination Program and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests . These exams are free for military members and help apply your existing military experience towards your degree. In other words: the more you know thats applicable from training, the more credits youll receive, saving you time and money.

For example, one Military Wallet writer who received their degree while on active duty transferred credits from the one year of college they took before enlisting. During this time, they completed a number of courses that were already prerequisites to most bachelors degrees. Their Education Center counselor helped them transfer credits that were applicable, and set them up to test out of as many classes possible since theyd already gone to tech school and Airman Leadership school.

Join The Regular Force

Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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What To Expect At The Recruiters Office

Anyone interested in joining the military will most likely start at the recruiters office. A recruiter is someone currently serving in the military whose job it is to educate the public and entice eligible candidates to serve.

There are separate Enlisted and Officer recruiters, so it is important to have an idea of which path you are interested in before you visit.

The recruiter will talk to you about what kind of future you want with the military.

Each branch has their own recruitment office and program, so they will only be able to tell you about paths within the branch of service they represent.

College While Active Duty In The Air Force


Going to college while on active duty in the Air Force is a little bit different than if youve served in other military branches. The Air Force and Space Force can issue their own college credits and degrees through their own school, Community College of the Air Force . Typically, active duty recruits who attend the CCAF will have an educational focus in one of their military specialties and combine credits from military training, CCAF and off-duty courses.

The CCAF is partnered with 112 affiliated Air and Space Force schools, offers 71 different degree programs and has 300 Education Service Offices worldwide. Its basically the largest community college system in the world, and best served for those who want to continue in the military and related careers or use their competitive training once theyre finished serving.

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Why Joining The Military After College Can Help Your Career

A career in the United States Military can be rewarding and fulfilling with more opportunities for advancement than many traditional jobs. Joining the military after college is a quick way to advance in any branch of the armed forces. A college degree qualifies those who enlist to enter officer training immediately, bypassing the time required for general recruits.

In this article, we explain the benefits of joining the military after college, share the steps you can take to enlist after earning your degree and list examples of officer positions in each branch of the military.


Why And How To Pursue Your Degree While On Active Duty

It’s 0500, and you’re up and ready to meet the challenges of a new day. Physical training, working in your military occupational specialty , developing basic soldiering skills you push it all day. It may sometimes seem like there is little time for anything else.

Today, though, more and more active-duty service members are going to school to further their education. Why do they do it? And how?

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Air Force Officer Positions

Here are possible officer positions within the Air Force:

  • Weather Officer: A Weather Officer is responsible for the vital service of accurate weather forecasting for aircraft. Officers who earn an undergraduate degree in meteorology or a related field qualify for this position after completing the basic meteorology program.

  • Combat Systems Officer: Combat Systems Officers act as mission commanders for electronic warfare, weapons systems and navigation. These officers utilize technical equipment to lead missions.

  • Special Tactics Officer: This highly trained and elite group of officers provide a range of tactical operations including personnel recovery, fire support and battlefield trauma care.

  • Airfield Operations Officer: These officers lead airfield operations, manage air traffic control and oversee airspace management. They provide leadership and technical assistance in their role as advisors to airfield commanders.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer: An Aircraft Maintenance Officer is responsible for creating maintenance plans and directing essential maintenance operations. They also manage quality assurance and training in all aspects of aircraft repair and maintenance.

Education Opportunities In The Army

How Hard is it to Get a Bachelor

Personnel in all ranks are sent to the Armys various schools for training specific to their MOS, and the service sometimes sends officers to civilian college to earn a specific degree necessary to conducting the job. In addition, the Army assigns specific officers to attend the Army War College in Pennsylvania, where they pursue coursework leading to a masters degree in strategic studies.

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Getting Fit With Fitt

As a rule of thumb, ease into your activities, gradually increase each element of FITT, and end each session with a cool-down. For example:

  • Begin with a 5- to 10-minute warm-up. Walking, biking or a slow jog will increase blood flow to the muscles and lightly increase your heart rate. Follow up with some light stretching of the muscles you will be using in your workout.
  • Improving your overall fitness is most effectively done through a combination of 20 to 60 minutes of aerobic and strength exercises. The two sample fitness sessions below are based on Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology guidelines.
  • A 5- to 10-minute cool-down helps return your body to its normal, pre-exercise condition. Suddenly stopping an intense workout can make you dizzy, nauseated or even faint. Walking, biking or a slow jog will gradually bring down your heart rate and relieve muscle soreness.

Becoming An Officer In The Military

People who want to become officers in any branch of the military should first decide which career field they prefer or have the skills for. Those who already hold a bachelors degree may consider earning a masters degree first or exploring careers that are related to their existing degree. It is also important to compare the different branches of the military. Additionally, prospective students or graduates who want to become officers must understand the age limits, which vary between different military divisions. As a rule, people who have no prior military experience cannot become an officer after the age of 35. There are exceptions for military chaplains and medical officers.

The easiest way to find out about available careers based on age, education or education goals is to talk to recruiters in the desired branches of the military. Today, there are also schools that offer discounted tuition to those who are on active duty in the military, providing a cost-effective way for officers with a bachelors degree to seek a higher degree to advance in a current field or shift to a different one.

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The Army Ranks That Require Master’s Degrees

The U.S. Army is a large organization with more than a half-million uniformed personnel and billions of dollars in equipment. It requires that its people have a mastery of the hundreds of occupational specialties theyre assigned to, as well as well-trained leaders proficient not only in modern military doctrine, but also management and other more specialized disciplines. While there is no rank that specifically requires a masters degree, its unlikely that an officer could earn a promotion beyond captain without at least some work toward an advanced degree.

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